Wednesday, 5 November 2008

An Award from Elaine

Thank you Elaine for this award.

The rules are:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees..
So the following lovely blogging friends receive this award now from me and they are :

Tab, Heather Chris, Natalie Donna.
Well I'm sorry that I can only give this to five people because there are so many great
blogs I visit and deserve an award.


Chris said...

I'm so glad you got the award Poppy, you deserve it and thank you so much for thinking of me to pass it onto, it's very much appreciated. Take care, Chris x

Natalie said...

Thank you so much Poppy. I am so so grateful and thanks for all the great comments you leave on my blog. I love visiting you too.

Natalie x

Heather's Creations said...

Thankyou for thinking of me, Poppy :0) Your blog rocks!
**Hugs** Heather x

Donna said...

Thank you Poppy for this award it is very much appreciated :) Donna x