Sunday, 29 August 2010

Three awards.

Wow thank you ladies. This award is from Wendy.
Thank you Wendy your so kind .
The rules with this award are
1. I have to thank the person who gave me this award
2-Copy the award
3-List three things you love about yourself
4-Post a pic that you love
5-Tag five more people to pass this award onto.
I have Thanked Wendy,
she has a lovely blog pop over and have a look.
Copied the award.
Here are the 3 things I love about me,
I'm easy going... well I think I am.
I love being creative.
I love my very childish sense of humour.
This is the picture I love its The castle in Magic Kingdom, Florida.
I loved it...........could live
You have to tag 5 more people for this award but it looks like most of you have got it...
but if you haven't feel free to take it.
The next one is from Dorothy.
Thanks Dorothy.

The rules for this one are you have to add 7 things about yourself,
  1. I always doubt myself.
  2. I love anything pink and sparkly.
  3. I buy toooo much paper.
  4. I love strong coffee.
  5. Hate ironing,unless its funky
  6. Love pudding...
  7. I love going in my caravan.

Again I have been too slow, sorry but again if you would like it please take it.

Last but not least I have had this for months and forgot ...

so sorry Dianne.
Thank you.

Well that's a long post sorry..
just a quick reminder that the challenge at Forever Friends is make an Easel card.
Have a lovely Sunday.

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