Friday, 24 October 2008

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By Elaine !!

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7 facts

1.I'm an internet addict.

2.Didn't learn to drive until I was nearly forty,passed 2nd time.

3.Can't stand the sound of chewing.

4.Dont like to drink tea or milk, yuk...

5.I'm 5o next year.

6.Love music, once went away on a weeks course and it was all very quiet,after 3 days had to go sit in my car and have a full blast fix.

7.Stopped smoking 9 years ago as DH said he would buy me a car,but if I started again I would have to forfeit car, glad to say I'm still driving.

7 people I have tagged

1.Belinda 2.Nikki 3.Sue 4.Maxine 5.Gail 6.Tab 7.Kim

Hope you play along ladies as Elaine said its interesting to find out things about each other, but I do understand if you dont want to ,everyone is busy ect. The first time I was tagged I thought about what to put for days.

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Elaine said...

Fab facts Lynn.... oooh so interesting finding out little bits about people isn't it :)

Elaine x