Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tagged by Heather

I have been tagged by Heather
Right here goes
5 things I love
1. My Husband.
2. My brother , sister in law and all their children.
3.Any craft.
4.The internet.
5. Reading

5 Things I don't love
1. Tea and Lamb. yukky.
2. Condecending people.
3. Insincerity.
4. Housework.

5 Fave food/drink
1. pudding any sort.
2.Citrus tango
3. Prawn and pasta salad.
4.Garlic anything.

Songs on i-pod.
1. Robbie Williams - Rock DJ
2. Shania Twain - Man I feel like a woman.
3. Meatloaf - You took the words.
4. Mika - Big girls
5. David Cassidy _ Could it be forever.
Don't know if you are supposed to pass it onto 5 more people.
But, I wont as I know everyone has enough just posting comment and keeping up with their blog.

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