Thursday, 19 February 2009

An award from Val and Elaine

How lucky am I an award from Val and Elaine.
Thank you both.

Give it to 5 more:-


Natalie said...

Thank you Poppy, what a lovely award.

Natalie x

Heather Bradley said...

oooohhhh thankyou for sharing this award with me babe! You are a great friend :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

Oliva said...

Poppy thank you so much!!! I am so very happy and grateful for thinking of me! This is a very special award, becuase it's my very first and it's coming from you.

Emma said...

Aw thank you sooo much Poppy for thinking of me.
Hugs Emma x

**Leanne** said...

Love Your Blog!!
Keep Up The Work :)

Donna said...

Thank you for my award Poppy, its so kind of you to think of me :) Donna x