Sunday, 8 February 2009


I have been tagged by Jessicalynn
The assignment is:
Go to the 6th album of your photos and find the 6th photo.
Share that photo and tell a little bit about it.
Tag six people and ask them to do the same.
I have already done this one so Thanks Jessicalynn,but wont pass it on again.
Also over a week ago I was given an award by Joanne and I'm sorry never came back and did it,you have to
a) First list 10 honest things about yourself making them interesting
b) Pass this onto 7 other bloggers who you feel embody the spirit of Honest Scrap.
Well here goes dont know about being interesting but..
1.I was born to worry, worry about worrying.
2.Have loads of allergies, cooking, cleaning ironing ect...
3.Love it when Dh is on days off cause he does it all lol.....he's a great cook and pushes the hoover to perfection.
4. If we win the lottery pmsl... I would like to move to Cornwall or the North Yorkshire Moors.
5.I'm going to America in November and i'm PETRIFIED, never been abroad before.
6.I love my computer, The first thing I do in a morning is switch it on , as I go to
7.I have struggled with my weight all my life , so have decided I can't be bothered anymore..lifes to short anyway.
8.Last year we bought a touring it, but DH will have to buy me a laptop.
9.Love sharing my brothers children and now grandchildren , as we don't have any children.
10.The best thing in my life is my lovely DH.....
Sorry its taken so long Joanne,wont pass it on as it looks like most people have had it.


Deb said...


You will love coming to America!
Have a great Sunday!


Chris said...

Lovely to read some things about you Poppy, I agree with your allergies 100%, I have them too LOL! Chris x

Oliva said...

Where to in the US? Don't be scared! BTW I ditto #'s 1, 3 (Hubby is now retired), 6,7,9 & 10! Wow! I think I just found my twin sister! LOL!

Emma said...

Lol...we share the same allergies and the first thing I do is switch my computer on!! My OH hid my b/day card inside my laptop this morning...said he knew it wouldn't take me long to find it!!! Cheek
Don't worry about flying...first time I did we went to the Dominican Republic (10 hours) and it was totally fantastic...I am sure you will love it.
Emma x