Thursday, 12 February 2009


I have been trying to tidy up my craftroom.
On Sunday I took my box of ribbon to my sil as I have bought some ribbon wound onto pegs and thought it would be great to have it all like this.
it took us all afternoon and most of the evening and then we run out of
well DH says I've got too much anyway,but I never seem to have just the right colour of
I was given this award byAkkina , she has a lovely blog.
I have had a scout about and most people have got it so won't pass it on.
Thanks Akkina.


Sue said...

Oh Poppy lovely tidy ribbons i spent all afternoon doing mine, wouldnt think it would take so long would you!! congratulations on your award hun, sue.x

Donna said...

Well done Poppy its a mammouth job isn't it lol! Donna x

Elaine said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease come and do mine, pretty please Lynn... l never have the right width, colour or type either lol!

Elaine x